Thursday, December 11, 2014


Look at this smoothie. LOOK AT THE COLOR OF THIS SMOOTHIE. Okay, now imagine its flavor. If you aren't a fan of beets, you may not want to continue. But if you'll probably fall in love with this sweet take on beets. It has a perfect balance for me, with its sweet fruit blend and earthy tinge. And it's loaded with nutrients that make me feel like I can accomplish a few more things on my to-do list before feeling like a zombie. Recipe is below, give it a try!


1 ripe banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 peeled beet, mine was medium/112 grams
1/2 cup your choice of milk, I had whole milk on hand so that's what I used

Pop all ingredients in your blender and power up. I used a Vitamix, so I feel like I got away with using less liquid. Add more if you start to have trouble. Pour into your favorite glass, admire its beauty, and drink up. This recipe made enough to fill this mason jar, so double if you feel like sharing. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Scrooged, 1988
Bill Murray = asshole TV executive in charge of a production of “A Christmas Carol.” Visits from ghosts = reality check. Movie = awesome take on the story by Charles Dickens.

I Am Santa Claus, 2014
This documentary takes a look at the Santa careers and lifestyles of five bearded men. Offbeat and definitely worth a watch. One of them made my heart grow three times its original size.

The Santa Claus, 1994
My personal childhood “Christmas classic.” My dad purchased this movie for me after it came out, and he may have started to regret it when it was the only thing I wanted to watch at his house weekend after weekend. It's cheesy and Christmas, and I even had a crush on elves Bernard and Judy.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, 1989
This movie is my everything when it's like mid-July and I get a craving for Christmas spirit. It's perfect because it's a little dark and a lot of Chevy Chase. A classically classic Christmas classic.

Now get to watching, babes!

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I have been loving making little videos of my life, little "home movies" as I like to call them. This mini one is made up of clips I captured in October on my phone while out and about and on a trip to visit my dad and my childhood dog (named Denver). I'm so grateful that I was able to because it's actually the last time I got to spend quality moments with Denver before he passed away. I'll miss his perfect little soul and body, and I know I'll love looking at these clips in the future and remembering the happy feelings I experienced around this time. Cheers to life and the precious relationships we get to have.

Friday, December 5, 2014


You started off 2014 with healthy resolutions, didn't you? Me too. I've been good and I've been bad, but I'd say I've been mostly good. I did have 2-3 months where I spent large amounts of time at the gym, I go for everyday walks with my dog, and I have eaten so many wholesome meals. But I've also had my fair share of vodka-tonics, of cheese, of fatty quiche, of fluffy pancakes (I'm obviously in the mood for a boozy brunch right now...). Well, I'm a firm believer in looking at the day ahead of me as a new opportunity to be even better. So I've decided to finish what I set out to do and make the rest of December a month of health and well-being. Maybe you should be expecting a few healthful posts to pop up here this month, and a bit of sin for good measure.

Here are some December goals I've come up with which begin....right this second:
1. Pamper my skin
2. Eat a salad every day
3. Keep my nutrition on track with this app
4. Workout a few times every week
5. Give myself time for yoga each day
6. Reward myself for good behavior

Things I plan on sharing:
1. My December smoothie
2. A warming soup recipe
3. A scrumptious winter salad
4. A pampering DIY
5. A sinful holiday treat recipe

Stay tuned, guys!

Friday, November 14, 2014


I'm just going to jump right into this. I'm romantic, okay? And it's fun. And you can be, too, if you want. Just do any of the following and put your babelicious heart into it.

(Sidenote: this may have something to do with my anniversary, which happened last week.)

1. Draw a bath for them, and that should definitely include something special. Splurge on Lush's "Honey Bee" Bath Bomb, because $6-ish is nothing when wooing your lover.

2. Have trouble writing sappy love letters? Write a love list instead. It could be anything from "Things I Love About You" to "Times You Made Me Laugh." Just get it on paper, hand it over, and make their day.

3. Wake them up coffee or tea. If I'm being honest, this is typically something that's done for me, but that's only because my girlfriend rules (and I'm usually the last one out of bed). When I am the first one up, though, I make this a priority. Your favorite coffee or tea addict will swoon over this gesture.

4. Cook with them, really. Especially if you have a go-to recipe up your sleeve. And duh, wine and music during! Being a food enthusiast, this is one of my favorite things to do with my girlfriend. It's seriously fun and rewarding. (May I suggest you make this raspberry tofu dish?)

5. Make a mix. Mix-tapes, mix-CDs--mixes are not dead, darlings. Or rather, they don't have to be. Hell, you can even hack into their Rhapsody or Spotify account to leave them a surprise playlist. Especially when you can't find the words yourself, a perfectly curated and thoughtful mix is the coolest thing to give your honey.

6. Pop a bottle. Don't make champagne a stranger to your life. Sure, you don't want to over-do it, but you definitely want it for celebrating things big or small with your sweetheart. They got a raise? Surprise champagne. It's National Hot Dog Day? Pop that bottle.

7. Make their day easier. It's so simple, but it can mean the world. Take out their trash, do their dishes, run their laundry, or sweep the floor. Do anything to help, especially on a day when they are super stressed.

8. Take them to a local art museum. Guys, it's probably been a while. Right? For you and your favorite person. So treat them to a day at an art museum. If you're feeling inspired after, gather a canvas and paints and make abstract artwork together.

9. Dinner and a movie. Or should I say dinner in a movie? Either sneak in Chinese take-out or compile a dinner of buttered popcorn, candy, and soda pop. Pick your poison, and screw the latest rom-com. Go for horror or documentary, okay?

10. Propose a plan. This doesn't have to be marriage and three little ones. It can be a creative project, an adventurous road trip, or a move together. You can learn so much about each other by mapping something out, simple or complicated, and it will surprise the both of you.

That's all I've got for you (for now). I just love this shit.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Remember a while back (click here) when I mapped out some cities I'd like to move to? Well, a decision has been made. Michela and I would've never guessed we'd be moving to this part of the country before doing our research, but one thing is for sure--we wanted an adventure. It's good to shake things up and explore a new scene. We are so stoked and basically can't stop talking about a new life in a new city. We won't be making our move until August of next year, and you can find out where after scrolling through some glimpses of our new home below...

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