Friday, August 1, 2014


Wow, I can't believe my eyes and ears that it's officially August. I'm gonna face this month like it's asking for a knuckle sandwich, I think, so here are some goals I plan on attacking.

01. Share an original recipe in this space
02. Have a day-long Six Feet Under marathon (six whole episodes!)
03. Scratch something off my "25 Before 25" list, which you can see HERE
04. Go camping and enjoy the great outdoors
05. Go on a thrift store shopping spree
06. Make sure my dog Sal gets two walks every day
07. Miniature golf has to happen, or bowling, or both

Sunday, July 27, 2014


01. Watching Charade, a 1963 film starring Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the pretty city of Paris.
02. Heading to the farmer's market each Saturday and spending the rest of my day prepping meals, baking, and listening to vinyl.
03. Reading, as I've really been in such a mood for it!
04. Upping my health by working out three times per week and biking to and from work, phew.

01. Classic almond biscotti, which I've never made.
02. Thai goodness, so maybe I'll whip some up and share the recipe!
03. Cookies to dunk in coffee, and I've been working my way through many varieties.
04. Quiche, which I make once weekly and never stop loving.

01. Socks, because my dog Sally seems to have chewed a hole in all of my pairs!
02. A new fragrance, and I'm thinking about giving See by Chloe a try.
03. A thrift store shopping spree!
04. To get away, which I'll do next weekend when I visit Chicago.

So, what have you been up to?
xo Charity

Monday, July 14, 2014


In honor of Bastille Day, or any other day for that matter, let's take a minute to get inspired by France.

one  /   two
three  /  four
five  /  six
seven  /  eight

Friday, July 11, 2014


Wow, my twenty-fourth birthday was a while ago. April 13th, to be exact.

I like to make goals (and sometimes follow through) and I've had some bouncing about in my head since that special day, so I'm gonna put pen to paper and make 'em happen.

They are as follows, and I'll be crossing them off here and mentioning them whenever they come up in a post:

01. Build a piece of furniture
02. Decide on my next move, St. Louis, MO or no?
03. Sell handmade things
04. Write and illustrate a children's book
05. Stay healthy, get even healthier (this means a lot of working out)
06. Create my perfect veggie burger
07. Make something with used leather
08. Visit a new state
09. Go kayaking 7/4/2014
10. Do a badass clothing alteration
11. Drawing challenge, create and complete one
12. Read 15 new books 1
13. Volunteer, help others
14. Be more open with my family about my relationship 7/9/2014
15. Make a pair of shoes
16. Create "home videos"
17. Leave a surprise for a stranger
18. Learn something, take a class or two
19. Finally learn how to do my hair
20. Watch 15 old films I've never seen 1 2 3
21. Complete my business plan
22. Get serious beach time
23. Win something, anything at all
24. Listen to one band's entire discography each month
25. Go to a drive-in theater

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Just kidding.

Feminine "tips" from a 1960s book, found HERE.



Tuesday, July 8, 2014


When it comes to whether I'm productive or not, (let's face it, that's not often enough) it all boils down to my surroundings. That being said, my mood changes often and it seems I require a different environment all the time. Until recently, that is. For some reason I have been having THE BEST of luck at my desk. Seriously a surprise to me. I mean, a workspace is meant for productivity, but that shit doesn't usually pan out for me. Maybe i'm becoming a responsible, focused adult? Nope. Nah. I think my good luck is coming from all of the essentials I've scattered around before I set out to do any kind of work (or serious pinning). Let's call them good luck charms, shall we?

Well, here are my good luck charms. Feel free to steal them to make your desk the most productive place in your home, you adorable procrastinator.

1. Food fuel

This is maybe my number one essential. I basically have an insatiable appetite, but I've learned to live with it by making sure I always have something healthy at hand. If I don't, I will raid my cupboard for combinations of foods that are so embarassing I'll never share. This particular day, I chose coffee (must-have), a banana, and strawberries. Another option for getting myself through an intense session of hard work are dates, sliced apples, and almond butter, gimme.

2. Pretty girl things

There's nothing like slathering on moisturizing goodies to make me feel pretty. When i feel pretty, I feel totally cool. And when I feel totally cool, I get the most shit done. I'm always keeping things like the above-pictured two--a moisturizer and a lip balm. Now, what I've got here is an old balm and a hotel room moisturizer. But I said I want to feel pretty, not fancy. You can use fancy girl things if you'd like.

3. The cutest organizational accessories, ever

I'm telling you, when you buy mundane things that are absolutely adorable, you WILL want to use them. Need i say more? Well, I'll at least let you know what's here: Jonathan Adler task clips, pastel paper clips from target (unavailable now), MT brand washi tape, and gem shaped crayons.

4. Every charger known to man
Once I sit down to work and have gotten started, there's no getting up. No, not because I don't want to. because all I want to do is get up and tackle everything on my list except for the task at hand. It's that I can't trust myself to leave my desk chair for one second and ever return. Chargers are the ONE thing you have to get up for if you need 'em, so I just nip it in the bud and bring all my tangled cords to begin with.

5. List pad, for when your mind wanders
My mind is going to stray and I just have to accept that. That's why I keep a running to-do list by my side nearly always. That way, when something distracting pops into my mind, I can jot it down and try so so hard to forget about it. (It also helps your workspace if your lists are as cute as these.)6. Something to take the edge offNot a stiff drink, you lush. Something fresh and pretty, although I have been known to gulp down a drink or three during a work session more times than I'd like to admit. Most of the time, when I'm being good, I take the edge off with a few flower stems. They really do make your dreaded desktop a happier place, but mostly they just make you feel like you are a princess with loads of money for spending on luscious bouquets of flowers.